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Facial and Nose Veins

Spider veins on the face or nose are a common concern for many patients. These veins on the face are often too small to be treated with Sclerotherapy, but on rare occasion they may be. We prefer to treat these veins with a procedure known as VeinWave (see below). Here a tiny needle delivers a pulse of high-frequency current to the wall of the vein, heating it and causing it to close and, ultimately, be absorbed. We have had great success and patient satisfaction using this technology in our Albuquerque vein clinic. Facial veins, like all other types of spider and varicose veins, should be evaluated and treated by an experienced, credentialed vein doctor.

VeinWave Spider Vein Treatment

At Albuquerque Vein & Laser Institute, we use VeinWave™ – a revolutionary FDA-approved technique that eliminates fine facial spider veins. The technique utilizes thermo-coagulation to treat tiny spider veins typically less than 0.3mm, which are too small to be injected with sclerosing agents. With VeinWave, an ultra-thin needle emits radiofrequency energy into the vein, which damages the vein causing it to fade. VeinWave provides a relatively quick procedure, with minimal discomfort and no risk of bruising, scarring or pigmentation.

Several advantages of VeinWave therapy are very few risks and side-effects, immediate recovery, treatment effectiveness, and minimal discomfort. There is no other spot on your body that is more visible to others than your face, so you want to choose as gentle procedure as possible – and VeinWave poses little to no risk of burning or scarring your face.
Patients, typically, require just 1-2 treatments and can resume activity immediately following the treatment with no down-time.