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Side Effects of Spider Vein Treatment

During sclerotherapy, many veins will be injected in a 25 minute treatment session. There are minimal side effects and some noticeable changes to the area(s) treated with sclerotherapy injections, which will subside with time:


Each injection area will look like a small red mosquito bite and may be slightly itchy for a few hours.

Next Two Weeks:

During the first two weeks, the veins often look a bit darker and bruising will occur. During this time, the treated veins will likely look WORSE than they did before treatment.

Next Four to Six Weeks:

Over the next four to six weeks, the treated spider veins will slowly fade. Some larger clusters will require additional treatments at that time. Once again, things will briefly look worse and then fading will continue. Large clusters of spider veins fade over the course of months, and not days or weeks.

Post Spider Vein Treatment

Patients are typically seen back in the office for a quick check about 4 weeks after treatment. During this visit, we evaluate for what we refer to as “trapped blood.” As these veins close, blood can become trapped within the vein. In time, this can lead to discoloration of the skin overlying the vein. At the follow-up visit, any vein with trapped blood noted will be pricked so that the trapped blood can be squeezed out.

Most patients tolerate sclerotherapy very well. While it is possible to have a reaction to the sclerosant medication, it is very rare.