Many of our patients at Albuquerque Vein & Laser Institute are surprised to find that their insurance plan often covers the medical treatment for Varicose Veins and related vein disease!  Although each insurance plan/provider has their own specific requirements, generally speaking, vein treatment is considered to be a medical issue if the patient presents with symptoms of discomfort, including pain, heaviness, swelling at the ankles, discoloration, bulging veins, etc.

In addition, the results of a diagnostic ultrasound test (performed by our staff right in our office!) must show the presence of venous reflux (backward blood flow in the vein, which is what causes the symptoms, including bulging veins).

As many insurance companies require a trial of compression stockings and elevation before approving other in-office treatment, you may not be able to receive vein treatment immediately after your diagnosis.  Our experienced staff of vein treatment professionals will work directly with your insurance provider to obtain authorization and determine your coverage and any required period of conservative treatment.

It’s important to note that although insurance often covers varicose vein treatment – it does not cover sclerotherapy injection treatment for unsightly Spider Veins, which is cosmetic in nature.  However, large clusters of spider veins, especially ones located around the ankle, can often by symptomatic of deeper vein disease, so seeing a dedicated vein specialist, such as Dr. Robert Cutchen, is advised.

Vein disease is progressive and will worsen over time if left untreated. After the presence of vein disease has been diagnosed, Dr. Cutchen will formulate a personalized treatment plan specific to each patient’s issues. All vein treatment procedures are minimally-invasive and are performed in the office with an immediate return to activity. Your legs will both look and feel better.

Albuquerque Vein & Laser Institute is contracted with all large insurance providers. (See our list of contracted health plans and be sure to call our office for more information.)

If you would like to learn more about Spider or Varicose Vein treatment or if the condition of your veins qualifies as a medical issue, please call our office at 505-848-VEIN today to schedule a consultation!