You do not have to live with the embarrassment or uncomfortable symptoms of Spider Veins! If you are one of the millions of women who often hide them under long pants, skirts, or dresses, or live your daily life with aching, swelling, burning, or cramps in your legs – treatment has never been easier! Spider veins are a very common problem and are relatively easy to treat with sclerotherapy

Spider veins form over time because of a number of factors including genetics, age, hormonal changes or from having a job that requires standing for very long periods of time. Sclerotherapy is one of the lowest-risk cosmetic procedures available, and anesthesia is not required.  It has been used since the 1930s and is considered the treatment of choice for varicose veins.

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What Is Sclerotherapy? 

Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical spider vein treatment that involves the injection of an FDA-approved solution directly into the spider vein via a tiny needle. The injected solution irritates the lining of the vein, causing it to collapse and then to disappear over time. This treatment is done in your physician’s office and takes roughly 25-30 minutes to complete. Some patients will have larger clusters of spider veins that will need to be treated on more than one occasion to accomplish full fading of the veins. Most patients require a series of 3-5 treatments on average over the course of several months. Your physician will give you a detailed treatment plan which will be fully customized to your individual needs.

There may be some discomfort and bruising along the vein, because this treatment contracts the vein, causing you to feel tightness. Inflammation is also common for several days after the treatment, but ibuprofen can be taken for any discomfort.  Any side effects will diminish during the weeks following the procedure.  Generally, normal activities can be resumed immediately after sclerotherapy, and “pounding” activities, such as running, can be resumed one-week post-treatment. Medically prescribed compression stockings are worn for 2-3 weeks after each treatment session. 

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Does Sclerotherapy Work?

Yes and because there is no downtime and minimal discomfort,  Sclerotherapy is one of the best vein treatments in current use. After sclerotherapy, the treated spider veins will not come back, although new spider veins can develop and appear over time. The bottom line is that when sclerotherapy is administered by highly skilled providers, the overall success rate is upwards of 90%. These very impressive statistics prove that sclerotherapy is a very safe and effective treatment for spider veins.

We like to tell our patients that your spider veins will look worse before they look better, During the first two weeks, the veins often look a bit darker and bruising will occur. Over the next four to six weeks, the treated spider veins will slowly fade. Some larger clusters will require additional treatments at that time. Once again, things will briefly look worse and then the treatment area will continue. Large clusters of spider veins fade over the course of months, and not days or weeks.

I recently had varicose vein removal, and highly recommend Dr. Cutchen and staff. The process was well explained, professional and pretty painless. I will return for minor spider vein work soon. My legs look and feel MUCH better!

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