Spider veins, though pesky and unattractive, are easily treated in the comfort of my Albuquerque vein clinic. Many of my physically active patients are hesitant, however, to schedule treatments, as they don’t want to interrupt their various exercise and training programs. However, sclerotherapy (the gold standard for spider vein treatment) only requires that patients don’t exercise, work out or do anything that may significantly elevate your heart rate for at least 24 hours after each procedure, and “pounding” activity (running, high impact aerobics, etc.) should be avoided for 7 days. Beyond this, your normal activities are fine. So, if you do work out, we ask that you do so the day before your treatment, or even the morning of, and then plan on taking a day off in between your next work-out, as long as it doesn’t involve “pounding”, which can be resumed the following week.

Running and any type of exercise involving use of your legs, is not only good for your general health, but these types of activities also assist your body in properly pumping blood through your veins, thus slowing any possible development of vein disease.