The training, background and experience of a treating physician is important in obtaining quality results with your vein treatment.

Unfortunately, there are many physicians jumping into the field of phlebology, or vein disease, and sadly not all of them are adequately trained in this specialty, nor have any reasonable experience with the full spectrum of vein patients. Just because one claims to be a “vein specialist” doesn’t necessarily make it so.

To make sure you get treated by a true “vein specialist”, and receive appropriate care, here are a few helpful pointers:

1) Make sure they are dedicated to the treatment of venous disease on a full-time basis, and not practicing their main specialty all week, and just dabbling in veins for an afternoon or two

2) Make sure they have the ultrasound in-office, and can perform and evaluate the venous duplex examination themselves, which is critical to determining the most appropriate vein treatment for any particular patient

3) They should be board certified in phlebology by the American Board of Phlebology.

4) Make sure the office can treat the entire range of venous issues: varicose veins, spider veins, perforators, thrombosis, chronic venous disease, etc. If they are only treating some of these and not all, they are unlikely to be a true specialist. Many physicians will only treat spider veins

5) The office should have the latest, most state-of-the-art lasers, medications and equipment, and all treatments should be performed via minimally invasive technique without hospitalization

6) Experience counts! Have they been dedicated to treating venous disease for years, so that they have treated thousands of patients, or did they just start into this recently, so that you may be very early in their learning curve

7) Do they have adequate experience dealing with the intricacies of the various insurance companies? Billing for venous disease can be very tricky, and if you want your insurance to cover your treatment, experience is vastly important

8) Finally, don’t be afraid to ask about all of the above. If they can’t tell you how long, or how many, or how often, then once again, they may not be a true specialist.

I have been dedicated to the treatment of Vein Disease for almost 5 years in Albuquerque and received my board certification in phlebology in 2008, the first year it was offered. Please call my practice, Albuquerque Laser & Vein Institute at 505-848-VEIN to schedule a free vein screening.