Spider veins are extremely common – men and women of all ages experience them. They are most common on the legs but some people can develop them on the face. These small veins are usually caused by the natural aging process of the skin, sun damage, trauma to that site, certain skin disorders such as rosacea, or genetics. Removing facial veins requires a more precise and gentler treatment than removing them from the leg.

VeinWave™ is a great way to remove small facial veins that can’t be treated with other methods such as sclerotherapy injections. It is the gentlest, most effective procedure available for the removal of spider veins on the face and nose.

VeinWave™ treatment uses an ultra-thin insulated needle that emits radiofrequency energy (heat) precisely into the wall of the vein, heating it and causing it to close, and, ultimately, be absorbed. VeinWave™ is a revolutionary way to effectively treat even the tiniest of spider veins with zero recovery time and minimal discomfort, removing spider veins permanently.

Results are almost immediate, with continued improvement happening over the next few days and weeks. Though the veins are removed permanently, there is always a chance new veins can form.  Some patients with sensitive skin may notice temporary redness for approximately 2-weeks after their procedure and many patients need 1-2 treatments for the veins to be permanently removed.

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