Spider veins are dilated superficial blood vessels that form close to the surface of the skin. Although they are mostly considered cosmetic in nature, they can really add years to legs, which results in loss of self-confidence for many and a hesitation to wear shorts, skirts and swimsuits. Our in-office treatment can reduce the appearance of spider veins and make you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Discoloration is one of the most common side effects of spider vein treatment. Many of our patients who are considering spider vein treatment ask us, “how long does discoloration last after spider vein treatment?” Keep reading to learn how spider vein treatment works and find out the answer to this question.

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*Individuals Results May Vary

How Spider Vein Treatment Works

Sclerotherapy is the gold standard for the treatment of spider veins. It involves using very tiny needles to inject a solution directly into the veins so that it can irritate their lining and cause them to fade and eventually disappear. In most cases, it takes 3 to 5 treatments over several months for patients to see optimal results.

During the first two weeks after the treatment, the veins often look a bit darker and bruising will occur. Four weeks after treatment, you may notice some skin discoloration. This is likely because as your veins are closing, blood is becoming trapped within them. You can expect the discoloration to resolve itself in about 3 to 6 months.

Benefits of Spider Vein Treatment

One of the most noteworthy benefits of spider vein treatment is that it’s minimally invasive and doesn’t require any anesthesia or downtime. After you receive it, you can return to work and your other daily activities.

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Spider vein treatment can fade the majority of your spider veins and improve the appearance of your skin. By undergoing it, you can feel more comfortable wearing shorts, skirts, dresses, swimsuits, and other clothing that shows off your legs. You’ll also look younger and restore your confidence.

Good Candidates for Spider Vein Treatment

If you are bothered by spider veins on your legs, you may be a good candidate for spider vein treatment. We do not recommend this treatment if you have had previous blood clotting issues, are pregnant, or have given birth in the past 3 months. Scheduling a private consultation in our office is the ideal way to determine whether you’re a good candidate for spider vein treatment.

My experience was first rate. Dr Cutchen is professional and down-to-earth at the same time. I was very comfortable at this institute and the staff is friendly and helpful. I also want to mention I am so happy with the results!!! I highly recommend this Dr and Albuquerque Vein & Laser institute.

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