With the end of the year approaching, many of you will be turning to your doctors in the quest for a healthier life. As you may already know, there have been incredible advances in the diagnosis and treatment of lower extremity vein disease over the last several years.

Many “cosmetic laser centers” claim to provide the latest and greatest in laser treatment, including veins. However, most of these centers lack a certified physician who is experienced and knowledgeable of the venous system in its entirety, and is capable of diagnosing the underlying medical issue.

I founded Albuquerque Vein & Laser Institute in 2009 and varicose and spider veins are all we do. We are fully dedicated to thorough diagnosis and treatment of varicose and spider veins using only the latest state-of-the-art laser technology and FDA-approved sclerotherapy solutions.

I will conduct your initial leg exam, and a leg ultrasound, if needed, will be performed by our registered ultrasound technician. I personally perform all vein treatments.

More than ever, patients are presented with many different options with regards to where they treat their varicose or spider veins. However, only a board-certified physician with extensive training and experience in Phlebology, using all of the latest treatment modalities in a dedicated vein center, can achieve the results you want and expect. Call my Albuquerque vein clinic today to schedule your free vein screening.