Deep Vein Thrombosis AlbuquerqueAt my Albuquerque vein clinic – Albuquerque Vein & Laser Institute – I see a number of patients that have been suffering with vein disease for years. They delayed treatment thinking their varicose veins would resolve by wearing compression stockings or by elevating their legs when, in fact, varicose veins never get better on their own. Unfortunately, there are other medical consequences to varicose veins.

Blood Clots:
Over time, varicose veins enlarge and blood tends to pool in large bulging veins. In some cases, blood clots can form in these superficial veins yielding firm, tender veins that are slow to resolve.

Varicose vein disease will never improve, go away, or cure itself. It will only get worse, increasing in size, number and extent on the legs. The result is worsening symptoms of heaviness, aching, swelling, etc. Also, untreated vein disease can contribute to an increased number of spider veins in your legs.

As time goes by, your legs will become increasingly heavy and tired.

In your ankles and legs which can also lead to permanent change in your skin texture.

Of the ankles and legs, known as stasis dermatitis, which is likely to be permanent.

Risk of Infection or Ulceration:
Of the legs due to chronic high pressures in varicose veins which results in damage to the skin.

Vein disease is easily diagnosed and simply treated through laser procedures, sclerotherapy, micro-incisional phlebectomy, or any combination thereof. All treatment is performed right in the comfort and convenience of my Albuquerque vein treatment office. Call today to schedule your free vein screening! 505-848-VEIN.