Many people wonder if they should pursue treatment for their varicose veins. For most, the primary motivation should be to improve the way your legs look and feel. Varicose veins cause symptoms of discomfort in the legs. This can range from mild to severe. Most people complain of any combination of heaviness, aching, tiredness, throbbing, burning, itching and swelling. Some patients will note bulging varicose veins while others may not. The only way to truly evaluate if varicose veins are present is to do an ultrasound of the legs with the patient standing. Once the diagnosis has been made, treatments can begin. All treatments are performed in the office with an immediate return to activity. During the course of the treatments, the varicose veins are eliminated and bulging varicose veins are often removed through tiny incisions. The result is elimination of the symptoms described above and elimination of the bulging varicose veins on the legs. I had my varicose veins treated about 5 years ago and the results have been significant. My legs feel great and the bulging varicose veins are gone.

Other patients visit our office because of the spider veins on the legs. Those veins are best treated by sclerotherapy, which is a series of injections of a medication into the veins that closes the veins and causes them to slowly fade away. After a series of 3-6 treatments (depending on how many spider veins they have to start with), most patients have clear, spider vein-free legs!