Many female patients at my Albuquerque vein clinic want to know why varicose veins are so prevalent in females, as compared to men. Women are more likely to develop varicose veins primarily because of the roles that estrogen and pregnancy play in their development.

Many women first notice the presence of varicose veins during a pregnancy, when they not only have an increase in their estrogen level, but their blood volume also increases, often up to 40 percent. There is also higher pressure in the leg veins due to the abdominal compression from the pregnant uterus. The higher pressures and increased blood volume can cause damage to the vein
valves resulting in reflux, or downward flow in the veins causing discomfort and bulging veins.

Vein disease is progressive, so if you notice the presence of varicose veins, call my office today to schedule your free vein screening, where we can discuss your medical history and symptoms.