The weather is heating up and, no doubt, many women are trying to stay cool while trying not to draw attention to their pesky spider veins. Modern spider vein treatment can be done very effectively, with long lasting results, if diagnosed and performed correctly. Many of my patients at my Albuquerque Vein Center want to know if their spider veins will “come back”.

If you have a series of treatments (average patients can take 3-5) at my Albuquerque vein clinic, you should have permanent results in those treated veins. However, most people are genetically pre-disposed to vein problems so it is possible to develop new spider/varicose veins.

That said, most people have had veins developing for many years before they seek initial treatment. Most people don’t wait that amount of time before seeking future treatments – they want to stay on top of it. Typically sclerotherapy results are 70-80% clearing for a series of treatments.