Robin Bostick
Vein Disease Patient

Carlsbad, CA

Robin’s Vein Treatment Story

Robin lives in Carlsbad, CA, but chose Dr. Robert Cutchen at Albuquerque Vein & Laser Institute to treat her vein disease. Although not local to Albuquerque, Robin had a friend who spoke very highly of Dr. Cutchen, and a few years after having had bad experiences with another vein doctor, drove the five hours to Albuquerque to place her vein care and treatment in the hands and expertise of Dr. Cutchen.

Robin had undergone two separate vein stripping procedures under general anesthesia four and seven years prior to her visit with Dr. Cutchen.  Both times, her varicose veins reappeared.  Her varicose veins became increasingly painful and she stopped wearing shorts – not an easy feat in the hot and sunny Carlsbad summers!

“I had these ugly, bulging veins.  People just looked at me like I was so gross.”

Robin did consult with one other doctor before deciding to make the trip to see Dr. Cutchen, but he wanted to see her in “stages” and have her return monthly for treatment, which Robin was apprehensive to do after suffering for so long.

Upon meeting Dr. Cutchen, Robin found him to be very charismatic, caring and knowledgeable, and scheduled a follow-up trip to Albuquerque.  Dr. Cutchen performed an endovenous laser ablation on one leg, and she was so surprised to find she was able (and encouraged) to walk around all afternoon after having surgery, which was the complete opposite of what she experienced after having hospital-based vein stripping several years prior.  She returned to the office the following day to have her other leg treated, and then returned once more the day after treatment to have her bandages removed so that she could begin wearing her compression hosiery.

Robin’s Vein Treatment Results

From start to finish, Robin was extremely pleased with her results, as well as with the care and treatment she received from Dr. Cutchen and his office. She said the entire staff put her at ease and made her very comfortable, and she appreciated that she knew exactly what to expect.  She was relieved to find that her insurance covered the outpatient vein treatment procedures and that there was no downtime with a painless recovery.  She loves her new legs!

Her husband was so impressed with her results that he then scheduled treatment for his own bulging varicose veins!

“I’m so happy to be wearing shorts again!  I am a walking billboard for Dr. Cutchen and his vein treatment!  His office was so wonderful – very modern and nice with good vibes and zen! The treatment was so simple, and the recovery was very easy.”