It is estimated that over 50% of Americans over the age of 50 suffer with varicose veins,*  with women more statistically likely to develop them, most likely due to the effects of pregnancy and hormones on spider veins. Heredity also plays a strong role, as there is a strong tendency to inherit this disease from one or both parents. Many incorrectly consider their varicose veins to be a cosmetic issue that they must just live with – even though they will never, ever improve on their own and are more likely to progress over time. Other patients are bothered enough by the side effects of this medical condition to research their options. So how do you know if it’s time to seek vein treatment?

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Three Signs You Need A Vein Specialist

1.  You have bulging varicose veins.

It is normal to see some of the surface veins, but varicose veins are typically larger and have a winding or twisting appearance.  Varicose veins are defined as being greater than 3mm in size, so we aren’t talking about those little clusters of red or purple veins. With time, these bulging veins get larger and seem to spread.

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2. Leg pain is making your life difficult.

Varicose veins will cause your legs to feel heavy, achy, and tired. At first, this discomfort may be mild, but as you live with varicose veins for any length of time, the pain will increase making everyday activities more and more uncomfortable. Do not ignore this discomfort and unnecessarily limit your life. Reach out to a vein specialist early to get help quickly and enjoy your life to the fullest.

3. You have changes in your skin.

Just like smoking damages the lungs, varicose veins cause damage to the skin.  Patients may see the darkening of the skin around the ankles or calf.  Skin texture may become tighter.  Some people can even develop open sores called venous leg ulcers.  Left untreated, these skin changes will only worsen and can lead to non-healing ulcers.

If you experience any of the symptoms above or if you would just like a baseline vein screening, scheduling in-person consultation with Dr. Robert Cutchen, Albuquerque’s most trusted vein specialist,  is the best place to begin your journey to good vein health.

“I recently had varicose vein removal, and highly recommend Dr. Cutchen and staff. The process was well explained, professional, and pretty painless. I will return for minor spider vein work soon. My legs look and feel MUCH better!” *

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